Joy, Life & Light: Preciosa Lighting to showcase Signature Designs and Collections at Euroluce20

For Euroluce 2019, Preciosa Lightingwill present a curated selection of pieces from its contemporary Collections line and interactive lighting designs which express the company’svision to connect people through light.

Visitors to Preciosa stand at Euroluce 2019 will be able to experience a set of four contemporary installations with interactive moments and sophisticated dynamic light technology. Combining cutting-edge technology with traditional hand-crafted design and artistry, the installations emphasise the idea of ‘the joy of light’, guiding visitors through a sensory design journey.

“What is unique about Preciosa Lighting is our ability and desire to capture all the emotions we can through crystal and light, creating a feeling of joy in everyone who comes in contact with one of our designs. Through our Collections line, our bespoke projects and especially our Signature Designs, we give designers the flexibility to bring their lighting visions to life.” Michael Vasku, Creative Director for Preciosa Lighting

Carousel of Light - A playful immersion into light

Carousel of Light is composed of nearly 8000 spheres in opal, amber, clear and pink frosted hues stretching eight metres in diameter. Entering through a pearl curtain, spheres of soft light lead the way for the visitor, illuminating and then fading away as one progresses. To make it easier for guests to immerse themselves in the spectacle, the platform rotates, allowing attendees to keep their eyes focused on the pearls

Pearl Wave

Constructed from more than 700 handmade triplex opal spheres suspended on gold finished metal rods, Pearl Wave reacts to the sounds and conversation within the room. When glasses are cheered in a toast, Pearl Wave responds with bursts of light that bring the chandelier to life. Designed to be reminiscent of waves at sea and with a curved form that mimics the shape of a seashell, Pearl Wave is inspired by the ocean swell and the beauty of the sea


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