Illulian celebrates 60 years of original design with new outstanding rugs

From 9 to 14 April 2019, the luxury Italian brand will celebrate its 60th anniversary by showcasing a selection of novelties and bestsellers conceived to embellish interiors with different styles, ranging from metropolitan lofts to the most exclusive residences where luxury and comfort are absolute.

Cocarde rug by Cristina Celestino | Limited Edition

The rug takes inspiration from a delicate micro-textile structure: the cockade. A ruffled and pleated ribbon, originally symbol of vanity, becomes the designer's new investigation tool. The swirls of the cockades create the pleasant appearance of a small rose, where the regular movement of the ribbon matches with the appealing colours. The designer ideally accompanies them as petals on the ground: she softens contrasts by choosing a sophisticated colour palette. The ripples become smoother, for a new two-dimensional and material interpretation of the cockade. The individual modules, repeated in different sizes on the whole carpet, draw an iconic texture that almost resembles an abstract bouquet.

KINTSUGI | Design Collection

The rug owes its name from Kintsugi, the ancient Japanese art of repairing objects with the introduction of gold or precious metals that highlight and enhance the breaks thus adding value to the whole item. Similarly, the "cracks" of the carpet are filled with an ideal liquid gold, creating an effect of great scenic impact. A texture with huge expressive power that is distinctly glamorous and unconventional.

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