Global design brand Nude announces partnership with style icon Iris Apfel

Global design brand Nude announced its partnership with American businesswoman, interior designer and fashion icon Iris Apfel, on a yearlong worldwide campaign that will combine Nude’s ethos of “simple is beautiful’ with the bold nonagenarian’s instantly recognisable style.

Nude, known for its design-led and purposeful approach to glassware has chosen the dynamic and globally renowned Iris Apfel as a nod to the brand’s own disruptive side.

During this partnership Nude will launch striking collections throughout the year, including a range of customised collectibles inspired by Iris’s indomitable style. Along with these Iris-inspired products, including Tomas Kral’s 'Beak' collection, reimagined in acid bright colours and bold stripes, Nude will launch a playful Iris doll, designed by Harry Allen.

"As you can see I am hardly a minimalist, I love to layer accessories and dress in colour, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think simple. Nude is my simplicity, simplicity is a state of mind, and I think simple is beautiful" Iris Apfel

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